Wow. Usually I can see the South Bay… I can barely see downtown today. 🙂 #MarineLayer http://bit.ly/1QOwsm7


4 thoughts on “pj_evans

  1. The laws need to be changed to allow points for driving ininactfors. I was told by a police officer that only monetary fines apply so there is little incentive for the self important drivers who believe they own the road to change their ways. If points were assigned and one was in danger of losing one’s license, we may begin to see compliance. We have a great town, but the worst, most discourteous drivers I’ve ever encountered.

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    1. That’s a great point. Out here in Los Angeles, so many people can simply afford the fines. Some can pay a W$200 ticket like how most people can just buy a cup of coffee. If points came into play like what you are talking about…. Or if fines became inline with ‘wallet-level’, like “ok…. you make $20K/yr, your fine is $200. Oh no? It’s $20M? Ok. Fine is $20K.” That’d fix the problem overnight.


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