4 Things You Should Know About The Cassini Space Probe…

4 Things You Should Know About The Cassini Space Probe http://pje.fyi/Pp9VdX

Paul Jacob Evans


Serious DX: The Deep Space Network

Humanity has been a spacefaring species for barely sixty years now. In that brief time, we’ve fairly mastered the business of putting objects into orbit around the Earth, and done so with such gusto that a cloud of both useful and useless objects now surrounds us. Communicating with satellites in Earth orbit is almost trivial; your phone is probably listening to at least half a dozen geosynchronous GPS birds right now, and any ham radio operator can chat with the astronauts aboard the ISS with nothing more that a $30 handy-talkie and a homemade antenna.

But once our spacecraft get …read more http://pje.fyi/PY12w6

Paul Jacob Evans